Capital Improvement Campaign

Why is IAEI initiating a capital improvement campaign?

While IAEI has been focusing on meeting its priorities and responsibilities, learning delivery systems and technology have changed dramatically. So, too, have the spatial requirements for the training and meeting facilities, for staffing and for production. Our current facility is in need of major upgrading and repairs.

Additionally, increased demands for IAEI products and programs have taxed the association’s resources and it has not been able to keep abreast of the demands without these technological advances.

A capital improvement campaign will allow us to better serve our members and industry partners. A successful capital improvement campaign will result in the purchase of a new IO building or will upgrade the infrastructure of the current building and will incorporate green technology and energy efficiency, depending on the real estate market. This will allow IAEI to expand onsite training and to more effectively host industry meetings. Equally important, a successful capital improvement campaign will enable us to upgrade technology in order to increase production of vital publications, to implement learning delivery programs as well as to strengthen administrative functions.

How can we meet the target of $2 million?

IAEI needs support and contributions from its members through direct contributions and through its five groups:  IAEI sections, chapters, divisions, individuals (members and non-members) and key industry partners. The above was provided to introduce and summarize the need and to update our membership on what planning is in the works. Keep an eye on the progress of the fundraising by clicking here.  Help us fill our building with donations.

IAEI’s CURRENT PRIORITIES to its members, the electric industry and the public are to:

  • assist in the continuing development of electrical codes and standards including the National Electrical Code,
  • promote inspections for safety of electrical installations by qualified inspectors,
  • advocate for the adoption of the National Electrical Code by local jurisdictions with minimal amendments,
  • produce high-quality textbooks and other learning materials,
  • provide seminars to teach safe and code-compliant installations to members of the electrical community,
  • offer CEUs, inspector certifications, magazine, newsletter and website,
  • promote the standards developed and consistent application by the various testing laboratories,
  • maximize professional networking opportunities through section and chapter functions, and
  • advocate on behalf of the inspection community.