System Maintenance

The comprehensive Electrical Maintenance Health Check Program is designed to promote maximum operating reliability of the facility electrical system along with a safe electrical system.

Reliable electrical systems are essential to the efficient operation of your business. Regular maintenance, inspection and testing will improve overall performance. Milton Electric can help you maintain your electrical system at peak performance. Our field service technicians and engineers have extensive experience with many different types of electrical systems. We are continually developing world class expertise in the maintenance and repair of switchgear, circuit breakers, protective relays, and related equipment. We will maintain your electrical system in top operating condition by performing all necessary inspections, tests, cleaning, and calibration. Our rapid response team is trained to diagnose and fix any emergency you may have.

First it is cheaper to maintain and keep in good repair electrical equipment, before they fail. When it does fail, there is usually subsequent damage to other components in the system. Often the components cannot be repaired and must be completely replaced. New components may require modifications to make the system whole. Unplanned outages can be very costly when replacement cannot be easily found. Also, emergency repairs are very costly due to the urgency of the situation where temporary work is required before a permanent repair can be done. Another consideration is if other tenants in the facility are affected. And the added cost of production or operation downtime losses. By simply doing a preventive maintenance inspection and tune-up you can lower these energy costs. So, if you have been taking your electrical distribution system for granted, it is probably time for a checkup. But don’t wait until after the first electrical failure happens – you may not have a system then!