Mike Larbig

October 10, 2011
Mr. Mark Milton
Milton Electrical Company

Dear Mark,

As we Begin the 20th year of our business relationship I want to take the time to thank you and your company Milton Electric for being a valuable member of my maintenance team. I have been able to rely upon your expertise for the all of the electrical needs at Wells Fargo Bank. You and your team are able to tackle all jobs both large and small in the portfolio of commercial real estate that I manage for the bank.

I specifically want to thank you for offering such a unique switch gear and distribution system maintenance program. I can rest assure that my electrical systems and equipment are in good working order, with less chance of malfunctioning, less downtime for our facilities and branches, and of course less loss of time for our busy customers.

Milton Electric Company has played a significant part in our ability to improve our year over year maintenance costs. The responsiveness of your firm has provided me with a strong sense of security in meeting the electrical needs in my commercial real estate portfolio.

I look forward to continuing my relationship in the coming years with your professional outfit.


Mike Larbig, AVP
Wells Fargo Bank
Corporate Properties Group
1036 Anacapa Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101